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Mon, 4 December 2023

Welcome to Dnipro City!

Фотоконкурс Город

Communications and Electricity


The electric current is 220 volts AC, 50 Hz, European and former Soviet Union plugs standards.

Weights and measure: Metric system


Local time:
GMT +2 (when in London 12.00 - in Dnipro - 14.00).

City post zip code: 49000

Central post office: Dmytra Yavornytskogo Prospekt, 62,
tel. +38 056 744 88 14 , [www]

Telephone city code:
+38 056 for 7-digit numbers (+ 38056 international) or
+38 0562 - 6-digits (+ 380562 international)
[Ukrainian cities phone codes reference]

Mobile phone network and Internet

There are wide-spread network of mobile and cellular phone communication are available (GSM 900 or 1800, CDMA standarts). 3G+ network and internet is available.

Wide-spread free Wi-Fi points on the streets and in public transport, also in every hotel, in most restaurants and coffees.

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